How I got my MacBook Pro at a cheaper price?

How I got my MacBook Pro at a cheaper price?

How I got my MacBook Pro at a cheaper price? Recently I bought a Macbook Pro 2017 version at Abt Store which is nearby where I live. I never expected that I spend only $1200 with no tax for my new acquaintance. In this article, I am going to share a simple trick about how I got my MacBook Pro at a cheaper price.

Before you buy


I always tell my friends. before you buy anything expensive, plan ahead and wait for a right time. Do not buy the product once it is released immediately. Let the storm fade. Do a lot of search about the products daily and read the reviews in many websites as you can.

New Credit Card

My first tip is to get a new credit card if you are planning something big. Anything greater than $1000 e.g. trips, sofa, Apple products, laptops etc. I applied for a Barclay credit card where I got a $200 bonus for signing up and purchased around $500 in first 3 months. Most of the banks and credit unions will offer some bonus in terms of credit back or points. Choose wisely based on what you are going to buy.

Add Alerts

Add a Google Alerts by mentioning about the product. I added ‘Macbook Pro 2017 deals’ ‘Macbook Pro 2017 price’ to my google alerts. Any keywords or article published, Google will send an email immediately. Also, there are lots of deals websites are there where they send push notifications for free.

Which credit card you should use to buy expensive products?

Though I signed up for a Barclay credit card, I didn’t use that to purchase my MacBook Pro. But I used that credit back to get it transferred to my bank to pay the bill. I used my Discover Card because they have an awesome policy called Price Protection.

How I got my MacBook Pro at a cheaper price?
MacBook Pro

Any products’ price goes down from the date you purchased till 90 days, you can request Discover to get the price difference in one call. You need to submit legit proofs such as your credit card statement, original purchase bill, and lower price advertisement screenshot or scanned copy.

  1. Call Discover and mention about price protection. They will ask the details about your product and other details.
  2. In next couple minutes, you will get an email to submit the proofs.
  3. Once you submitted, you can check the status online.
  4. If it is approved, you will get a check; if not, you will get a mail, why your claim was rejected.

After your purchase

How I got my MacBook Pro at a cheaper price?

As I added the alert about my MacBook Pro, I was waiting for the lesser price. When I was browsing, luckily I noticed a lower price of the above model in Rakuten for about $1430. Immediately I grabbed the screenshot with the time stamp, date, model number, and price details. I used OneNote screen grabbing tool which is convenient; because it automatically stores the screen shots to my notebook and syncs it in the cloud. I grabbed multiple screenshots with different content also, I keep google date and time snapshot side-by-side.

Then, I immediately called Discover and mentioned about the lower price. I received an email to submit the details. After 3 days. my claim was approved.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Actual Price of MacBook Pro – $1699 + no tax in Abt for the items shipped to outside of IL
  • Rakuten Price – $1430
  • Barclay Signup Bonus – $200

I spent only $1230 for a brand new MacBook Pro 2017 version with touch bar is not bad.

Your turn: Please share your ways of sharing money in the comment section 🙂

Happy saving and sharing!

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