Learning Swift Language and my first iOS App

Perf Calculator

Learning Swift Language and my first iOS App: From past several weeks, I have been learning Apple’s language called Swift to develop my first simple app for performance testers called Perf Calculator. After buying MacBook Pro, I really wanted to make full use of it. At least I am trying to turn my MacBook Pro into an asset rather than liability. So, I thought of developing few useful apps and sell it for free. Believe me, no one will buy me if I price my app to $0.99 🙂

My experiments with Swift

Throughout my life, I never learned anything in a structured way; i.e. no proper planning in learning (which is not good). E.g. if I wanted to learn Excel Macros, what I do is: first I conceptualize my idea. Say, I wanted to develop an estimator using Excel, first I search in internet to learn the basics of Excel macro; how to manipulate the inputs, how to get/set values, how to debug my code. Then I immediately start building the macro without much into designing.

Similarly I have ended up doing my first app for performance testers. In this case, it is pretty easy for me to get started. Under the hood, Perf Calculator is nothing but simple formulas: Little’s Law, LG calculation and some common sense.

Perf Calculator
Learning Swift Language and my first iOS App

Learning Swift Language and my first iOS App

First I referred Apple’s documentation about Swift and played around using PlayGround. My baby steps were declaring variables, do some operations, and print the output. PlayGround is an excellent arena to experiment and design your logic. Then I started learning how to design the view controllers and assign the code and design the usability.

Your logic is only 60%, remaining 40% is how to design the app. E.g. what to do if the user swipes right/left. I was going crazy in designing adaptive meaning your app should look identical in all the iOS devices. It was very challenging and head breaking. While writing apps, the more you focus on the usability rather than the other factors.

Challenges you might face

  • Adaptive design
  • Usability design
  • Designing the view controllers
  • Publishing app to the App Store

I watched numerous YouTube tutorials and read hundreds of articles to publish the app. At every step, I searched in the internet and implementing it in the code. It was fun and great experience. It was like writing a poetry in Xcode.

Happy moments

When I first hit the Publish button to send it for Apple’s review was the happiest moment. And very next day I got the email from Apple stated my first app is ready to publish 🙂 Now I have fixed few defects and submitted to Apple again for the review.

What’s next?

My next app is developing PerfEsteemate, hope it will hit the App Store soon 🙂

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